Frequently Asked Questions

Do the cards talk about bad things that will happen?

My readings are more of an uplifting experience. My clients enjoy their readings and
feel they give them a sense of peace and reassurance through their troubled times.

What is a Layout?

On Picture Page is an Example of a Layout,
it is a Complete Deck of cards being laid out.

What are the differences between the Readings?

The amount of cards being read.

The Draw Reading is a 15 card pick – it is smaller amounts of
Note: The Draw is NOT a complete reading, it
is pieces of information you are picking out of a deck of cards
(you are not having an entire deck read).

Complete Readings are entire decks being read, which
are Single Reading 1 layout, Full Reading 2 layouts,
Grand Reading 3 layouts and Deluxe Reading 4 layouts.
These readings are larger amounts of information.

When I send my cards, how long will it take for you to respond back?

It is difficult to know the exact time because readings are read in the order I receive
them. If your cards are sent at a Decent (eastern time) usually they are read that day.

Should I think about what I want to know as I pick each card for the Draw Reading?

Yes. Think about those things you want answers to as you pick each card
but don’t overwhelm your mind with thoughts, Relax. Be selective with
your thoughts, so there is Clarity as you reach for each card.

How much information will there be in the Draw Reading?

It’s hard to say because each draw is different, also it depends
on how your numbers lined up. 
One draw might focus on one
particular thing, while other 
draws could travel in different
directions. The cards keep changing with each draw.

Can I have more than one, Draw Reading at a time?

Yes. Each time you pick cards, it can be like a continuing story, picking
up from where the previous draw left off or it will be something entirely
different, it all depends on the cards you choose.

How much information will there be in the Complete Readings?

It depends on where your cards Journey. They might focus on certain concerns
(you may be having) and go directly to the heart of those matters or they could
Explore many paths (discussing a number of topics with you). 

With these readings the possibilities are endless because there are so many cards
being read (at one time). The depth within your cards can travel anywhere, so you
never know how deep the rabbit hole will go with these particular readings.

Should I think about things (I want to know) as I shuffle my cards for the Complete Readings?

Think about a few things you want answers to but don’t clutter your mind with thoughts.
Keep it Simple, Relax. The cards always respond better to Clarity, they have a Unique way
of Mirroring back to you what your Thoughts and Feelings are, so it is wise to pay attention
to what you are Thinking and Feeling as you shuffle your cards.

Do I use the same deck of cards for each layout on the Full, Grand and Deluxe Reading?

Yes. You only need 1 deck of regular playing cards for my readings.
Use the same deck of cards, shuffling them in between each layout.

Do I number my layouts for the Full, Grand and Deluxe Reading?

No. Do not number your layouts, it doesn’t matter which one was
shuffled first or last. I decide the Order I want to read them in.

Can I have more than one, Complete Reading at a time?

Yes. This is very common, I have many clients purchase more layouts after
listening to their first layout. Each layout can go further into detail than
previous one or it can travel in different directions, it all depends
on how your numbers are placed as you shuffle your cards.

Are the initials you mention for the first or last name?

All the initials will be the beginning initial of the first name or
a nickname, (Rarely) will it be the first initial of the last name.

Do you talk about the past?

No. You already know where you have been. If I say anything from your past, it is because
it’s an ongoing situation with no closure, the information will be about the events that are
going on now and into the future. Some things in your reading might sound strange to you,
this is because it has not occurred in your life yet.

How many times can I use the same deck of cards for my readings?

Many times. When you buy your NEW deck of cards for the first reading, you can keep using
that same deck. If you like to get new cards frequently, that’s up to you but not necessary.
Do not share or use your cards for any other purpose besides my readings.

When will the information come true from my reading?

The time frames vary with each reading. Some events in your reading can
happen within a few days or weeks, while other events may take longer.
It really all depends on what your cards want to reveal.

How long should I wait to have another reading?

There is no certain time you have to wait.

I have clients who enjoy having the Complete Readings read every month,
sometimes sooner – where they will purchase more layouts after listening to their
first layout, I also have clients that wait longer to have these readings read again
(everyone’s a little different). There is no right or wrong, it is up to you.

The Draw is smaller amounts of information and the cards keep changing with
every 15 you pick, there are clients that like having this reading read often.
The Draw Reading is favored for those that want something smaller.

If I send you people or pay for others to have their cards read, can I get a discount?

No. My business is word of mouth, so there is always someone
telling another about me and I have many clients that pay for
their family, friends or a party to have their cards read,
(to be fair) what I do for one, I must do for everyone.

Can I send you some questions (issues I am concerned with)?

Yes. You may send me a few questions with your cards, no more than 3 to 4.
Note: I cannot make the cards answer something they are not willing to Reveal.
You cannot Force the Cards.